10 Best Baseball Drills for 6-Year-Olds

Why do 6-year-olds have all the fun?


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It’s not easy learning baseball. But it’s much easier for young kids to learn the game if they have a lot of fun while they do it.

That’s why these 10 beginner baseball drills for kids are so great. Each game helps a beginning player learn the basics of baseball — from catching and throwing the ball, to hitting the ball and running the bases — and helps them understand why they want to play in the first place. Coaches, it’s OK to modify these games to help little kids feel more successful. Try a bigger (or softer) ball, use a larger target or shorten the distance until they’re ready for more.

Belly Up
Players improve their reaction time in this game.

Lazy Catch
Players learn to read and field grounders in this game. 

Tee Time
Tee them up for some fun at the plate! 

Players are in a literal league of their own in this game.

Basepath Relay
Players race their way around the diamond in this game.

Clean Up Crew
Get that ball off of my yard! 

Over Under
Infielders practice two ways to throw and catch in one simple game. 

Find out who has an arm—and who has a laser—in this game.

Blast Ball
Beginners get comfortable on the field in this low stakes, high fun scrimmage.

Water Balloon Derby
It’s the perfect way to cool off after a hot practice.

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