• MOJO means strength, good luck and skill. Getting your MOJO means finding your power.
  • Founded in 2019, MOJO is a new venture focused on empowering young athletes around the world.
  • The MOJO team is made up of the world’s best athletes, coaches, content creators, and technologists.
  • Our goal is to become the one-stop solution for 50 million kids who play sports in the US and 500 million worldwide.


To build the world’s first must-have and most beloved youth sports brand.


Empower young athletes everywhere and make sports more fun for everyone – one kid, one coach, one family, one team at a time.


Provide young athletes, parent-coaches and families with world-class instruction, entertaining content and engaging digital experiences to help them reach their potential.


  • 70% of kids drop out of youth sports by the age of 13.
  • Girls drop out 2x - 6x faster than boys.
  • Overall participation is declining. Some 45% of kids aged 6 to 12 played team sports in 2008, but that number dropped to 38% by 2019.
  • Only 24% of kids aged 6 to 17 engage in CDC recommended hour of activity per day, down from 30% one decade earlier.
  • Low income families are playing less sports. Some 22% of kids in households with income under $25k play sports on a regular basis versus 43% of kids in households with incomes over $100k.


Parents are fantastic supporters of their kids when it comes to sports. In fact, 80% of youth sports coaches are parents and overwhelmingly those parents are volunteers.

But, fewer than 30% have received any training on how to coach kids.


We believe in leveling the playing field and we are striving to help eliminate inequality in youth sports.

Every time a family buys a MOJO subscription or product, we will give one product to a family that can’t afford it.


Abby Braiman
Abby’s parents knew that sports were a great way to tire her out so that she would stop pranking people. She was once the county Hoop Shoot Contest runner-up as well as an avid tennis, lacrosse, and soccer player. In college, she gave up all hand-eye coordination and competed as an NCAA Division 1 Cross Country and Track & Field runner. Abby is a reformed consultant (McKinsey & Company) and a recent alum of NIKE, Inc., where she was part of the Global and Women’s Strategy teams. She is a current student at Stanford GSB. She is a diehard fan of Boston sports (Patriots, Celtics), the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, and Serena Williams.
Ben Sherwood
Ben was a determined but mediocre youth athlete, always afraid of the ball as a Phillie in Little League and as a Grasshopper in AYSO. He was 12th man on his high school basketball and volleyball teams. But life got better when Ben gave up competitive sports. Most recently, Ben worked as co-chairman of Disney Media Networks and president of Disney ABC Television. In a long career in journalism, he was president of ABC News, executive producer at Good Morning America, and senior broadcast producer of NBC Nightly News. He is the bestselling author of four books. And he has coached both of his sons in multiple sports for the last 12 years. He is a fan of the LA Dodgers and Liverpool FC.
Daria Klenert
Daria didn’t exactly excel at sports, but dabbled in volleyball, softball and swimming. As a competitive speller, she won the Delaware State Spelling Bee at age 12. She has over 15 years of experience creating award-winning television and digital video across a broad range of genres, from news and documentary to branded entertainment and content marketing. Prior to MOJO, she oversaw video for Thrive Market, executive produced dozens of original series for Yahoo, and worked on the CBS News magazine 48 Hours, NBC News’ Today Show and The Martha Stewart Show. She was raised an Eagles and Phillies fan, but has embraced the Jets through marriage.
John Howe
Sports were foundational for John when he was young, as he honed his math skills through box scores in the sports section. But his dreams of playing shortstop for the Dodgers faded in middle school when he realized he couldn’t hit a curveball. His newfound free time allowed him to focus more on soccer and football, which he continued to play in college. John has nearly a decade of experience in content production and strategy while at NBC Sports, covering four Olympics, two Super Bowls, countless Sunday Night Football games, and even one Curling World Championship. A recent MBA graduate of UCLA, John’s favorite teams tend to have blue or gold in their colors (Lakers, Dodgers, Bruins), except for the New York Jets, which have apparently lured him into a lifetime of suffering.
Nick Markby
Nick played most sports as a kid. He was a junior sprint champ at a young age, tried valiantly at cricket and tennis, but rugby was his first love. Always smaller than the towering big boys, he is battle-worn with broken arms and nose and plenty of head, chin and leg scars as fond memories. Nick has more than 14 years of experience in both advertising and product spaces. He worked with NIKE in the early days of digital - designs for which he was a Cannes Lion finalist. He was the former design director of Word With Friends at Zynga, and helped scale teams and product in fintech at NerdWallet. Nick also headed up Design at Wag labs in Los Angeles. A native of South Africa, Nick is a Springbok Rugby and Liverpool FC fan.
Reed Shaffner
Reed grew up loving and playing soccer at all levels. Eventually, his parents purchased a motor home to take him to soccer tournaments that also served as family vacations. He has 15 years of experience in technology in product and marketing roles. He began his career at Microsoft before moving into gaming at Zynga where he served as general manager. He left Zynga to head up product at Scopely, the LA-based gaming company now valued at nearly $2B. In 2014, he founded Workpop, an HR technology company that was acquired by Cornerstone on Demand (NASDAQ: CSOD) in late 2018. Reed is a Liverpool FC and Rams Fan. His proudest achievement is his son Theo.
Seth Sandler
After playing soccer for one year, Seth decided he didn’t like getting kicked in the shins so he spent the next eight years playing baseball. After retiring from youth sports, Seth moved on to computers. Seth’s open-source software and applications are used by millions including researchers, academics, hobbyists, and industry professionals around the world. His work and achievements have been covered in Techcrunch, Wired, Engadget, Gizmodo, PC World, Fast Company, and other publications. He has led mobile development teams at MOGL and Workpop in addition to creating successful apps of his own, Tunable and NodeBeat. He is a fan of the Padres and Chargers.


Julie Foudy
Julie Foudy began her celebrated athletic career with the Soccerettes of Mission Viejo, California and she has chanted the fearsome Green Machine fight song around the world.

"No, no, no, nobody messes with the Green Machine. No, no, no, nobody even attempts the scene. No, no, no nobody messes with the Green Machine… because the green machine is MEAN."

From her start with the Soccerettes, Julie played at highest levels of international soccer. An All-American at Stanford, she was captain of the US Women's National Team, where she helped win two FIFA World Cups, two Olympic gold medals and one silver medal. Inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame, Julie is a commentator, host and reporter at ESPN and founder of the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy. She is also the mother of two kids who describe her as the best chocolate chip pancake maker in the northern hemisphere and the best donut eater in the world.
Julie Foudy
Julie Foudy
Julie Foudy
Julie Foudy
Julie Foudy


You could say that Jenny is like a crazed Labrador retriever going after a tennis ball. She is absolutely crazy about sports of any kind. You name it, she played it. Tennis, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, sailing, snow skiing, and more. In high school, she lettered in three sports including boys’ soccer. She went on to play soccer for the University of Tennessee (prior to the impact of Title IX on SEC sports). Unable to give up sports, she has coached soccer from U-7 to the collegiate level (including her three children), became a sport and exercise psychologist, and worked for 10 years in coach education for U.S. Soccer. Today, Jenny is the Julia Taylor Morton Distinguished Professor and associate department chair in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. She has written two books (Bring Your ‘A’ Game, and Coaching for the Love of the Game) focused on improving the youth sport experience. She is a fan of the Lady Vols, the US Women’s National Soccer Team, and any team starring Peyton Manning.