10 Best Baseball Drills for 9- and 10-Year-Olds

Games to keep ‘em excited about baseball practice


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By age 9 or 10, many kids have developed the kind of motor skills that makes playing the game of baseball a lot more fun. A lot of kids this age can really run, track a moving object to catch it, and throw with some degree of accuracy. But plenty of kids this age are still beginners. 

The best drills for baseball practice will challenge the beginners and still be fun for kids with a few seasons under their belts. And these 10 baseball drills for kids are great for this age group because they incorporate game-like scenarios, and a dose of good, old-fashioned competition. 

Fielders refine their glove work with a flick of the wrist.

Fielders trap runners in a jam in this classic game.

Ready, Aim, Bunt
Here, hitters practice small ball accuracy.

Knock It Off
Find out what a soccer ball is doing on a tee in this game.

Grab Bag
Players alternate catching barehanded grounders and pop ups.

Line Drive Derby
Players work together to hit frozen ropes. 

Mind the Gap
Outfielders make themselves heard while tracking fly balls.

Throwing Seeds
In this game, outfielders practice cutting runners down at the plate.

The Box
There’s no telling where fly balls might land in this game.

Tunnel Ball
Players send frozen ropes right up the middle in this game. 

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