10 Best Baseball Drills for Beginners

Kids learn best when they're having a blast


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The best beginner baseball drills have one thing in common — they’re FUN, while teaching essential youth baseball skills at the same time. And that’s exactly what you get with these 10 baseball drills for kids. Each one helps young players get comfortable with a vital skill: catching the ball, throwing the ball or hitting the ball. They’ll also learn about fielding, making their way to home plate and how have a truly great time with their teammates. 

Alligator Traps
Kids will love gobbling up grounders in this skill-building game.

Basepath Blitz
Get every runner into scoring position.

Tee Time
Tee them up for some fun at the plate! 

Lazy Catch
Beginning players learn to read and field grounders in this game. 

Belly Up
Players improve their reaction time.

Up Top, Down Low
Let’s see those high fives! In this game, players practice the proper way to catch pop ups.

Force Out Tag Out
Fielders learn to erase runners from the bases in this game.

Clean Up Crew
Get that ball off of my yard! 

Grab Bag
Players alternate catching barehanded grounders and pop ups in this game.

Blast Ball
Beginners get comfortable on the field in this low stakes, high fun scrimmage.

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