10 Best Baseball Drills for Kids

Games that make baseball fundamentals FUN


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The best way to learn the game of baseball is to play the game — a lot. Developing baseball players need to know how to hit the ball, field the ball, catch and throw. Classic games like Pickle and Pepper teach players these skills — and more — in the context of a game. Fun, after all, is what makes the lessons stick — and what keeps players coming back to baseball practice, season after season.

These 10 youth baseball drills are player favorites. Coaches should feel free to adjust games to help players feel successful, whether that means swapping out baseballs for tennis balls, or using batting tees instead of a tossed or pitched ball. 

Hit the Helmet
Moneyball takes on a whole new meaning in this game.

Knockout helps pitchers refine their accuracy and control. 

Fielders trap runners in a jam in this baseball classic.

Beat the Ball
Fielders practice their footwork and throwing mechanics while runners round the bases.

Batters work on hitting for contact in this classic game.

Think Fast
Batting practice reaches a fever pitch!

The Box
There’s no telling where fly balls might land in this game.

Inside Outside
Double the tees means double the fun.

Tunnel Ball
Players send frozen ropes right up the middle in this modified scrimmage.

Water Balloon Derby
It’s the perfect way to cool off after a hot practice.

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