10 Best Baseball Fielding Drills for Kids

Practice makes perfect come game-time


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A core part of any baseball practice? Fielding drills. As a coach, you hope the skills you develop in these defensive drills become muscle memory for your players – and lead to outs in a game.  

From ground balls and line drives to a shortstop, to pop ups and fly balls to left field, young players need to be ready to field anything that comes their way – and how to throw the ball to a teammate with speed and accuracy to make the play. That’s why everyone benefits from fielding drills. Even pitchers need to know how to field and throw.

These 10 baseball drills cover what kids need to know, in fun ways they’ll love.

Alligator Traps
Kids love gobbling up fast grounders.

Belly Up
Reaction time is the name of this game as players pop up from the ground. 

Lazy Catch
Try this new approach to learning to read and field grounders. 

Short Hop Showdown
Dig the ball out of the dirt! 

Ground Ball Shuffle
Side-step to the ball and stay on your toes! 

Pop Quiz
Who can get an A+ in catching fly balls?

Grab Bag
Catching barehanded is always a fun change! Grounders and pop-ups – what’s it going to be?

The Box
Four corners to cover! There’s no telling where fly balls might land.

Force Out, Tag Out
A game of tag, baseball-style. Fast feet get the out.

Pitcher’s Fielding Practice
Make sure your ace is ready to make an out.

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