10 Best Baseball Hitting Drills for Kids

Help players learn to hit ‘em where they ain’t


| 12 min watch

Hitting a baseball is one of the most difficult tasks in all of sports. That’s why baseball players practice hitting at just about every practice

These 10 hitting drills are kid-friendly — and coach approved. Whether young players are hitting from a tee, or have moved on to a tossed or pitched baseball, they will learn about proper form, a solid swing and, eventually, how to knock the ball out of the park.

Tee Time
Tee them up for some fun at the plate! 

The Boulder
Players send soccer balls going… going… gone!

Force Fields
Players practice swinging for the fences in this drill.

Kneeling Good
Hitters should be feeling great after a few rounds of this game.

Line Drive Derby
In this game, players work together to hit frozen ropes. 

Soft Toss Slugging
Help players dial in on their hitting mechanics.

Front Toss Frenzy
In this game, hitters crush line drives to the back of the cage.

Double the tees means double the fun in this game.

Bounce Ball
In this game, hitters develop patience and timing at the dish.

Think Fast
In this game, batting practice reaches a fever pitch!

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