10 Best Baseball Throwing Drills for Kids

If you can’t throw, how can you play baseball?


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In baseball, throwing is fundamental. But throwing a baseball doesn’t come naturally for most young players. That’s why you need to practice. And playing catch is just the beginning.

These 10 baseball drills for kids help developing players learn how to throw properly — and effectively. From a simple game of catch to games and activities that help fielders throw runners out at the base, these are throwing drills you can use at every training session.

Extreme Catch
Players build arm strength and throwing accuracy in this go-to game.

Players are in a literal league of their own in this throwing and catching activity.

Over Under
Infielders practice two ways to throw and catch in one simple game. 

Clean Up Crew
Get that ball off of my yard! 

Find out who has an arm—and who has a laser—in this game.

Up Top, Down Low
Let’s see those high fives! In this game, players practice the proper way to catch pop ups.

In this game, players learn to field with a golden glove. 

Knock It Off
Find out what a soccer ball is doing on a tee in this game.

Four Corners
In this game, players sharpen their throwing accuracy.

Throwing Seeds
Here, outfielders practice cutting runners down at the plate.

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