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Most youth flag football players are still learning the fundamentals of flag football. That’s why most coaches stick with the basics: running drills, receiver drills, passing drills, flag-pulling drills, as well as practice throwing the ball. But there’s a lot more that goes into a truly great flag football practice. Namely — fun. 

Here the top 10 most popular youth flag football drills on MOJO

Ready, Set, Hike
Get loose and ready to dominate the field with this fun warm-up that gets the blood going and builds teamwork.

Land, Air, Sea
Listen carefully! This activity updates Simon Says for the flag football field.

Flag Attack
Grab as many flags as you can in this fast-paced evasive running game. 

Snap, Toss and Tuck
Get your offense running on all cylinders! This activity works the basics of one of the oldest plays in the playbook.

Handoff Relay
In this handoff drill, players work on making a big window.

The Chase
Players use their speed and elusiveness in this fun head-to-head activity.

Defensive Duos
It takes two to flag-pull in this flag football defensive drill. This one teaches defenders the importance of working together. 

Down the Line
Players work on zone defense, speed and agility in this game.

Crazy Corral
Yee-haw! Defensive players work on defending as a team in this fast-paced swarming activity.

One on Ones
In this game, receivers find room in limited space, while defenders work to stop them.

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