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There’s a lot of thinking that goes into a coach’s go-to flag football play. First and foremost, it has to be a play that players understand — and we all know that a play that a 6-year-old first-timer can remember (especially one who doesn’t always know left from right) is far, far different from the kind of misdirection and feats of timing that a team of experienced 13-year-olds can manage. 

On the MOJO app, we have both.

Here are the top 10 most popular plays from the NFL Flag Playbook on MOJO:

Cover 1 Defense
Get into the zone with this defensive formation, which is great when you expect a short pass or run play.

Move the defense one way while sending the ball in the other.

Man Defense
A go-to defensive formation for its simplicity: Pick a player and stay with them to stop them from doing their job.

Single Back Play 1
Give your quarterback three short options with this quick-hitting play.

I-Formation Play 1
Defenders won’t know whether to go man or zone when you run this play.

The Double Reverse
Misdirect the defense to buy your offense time and space. 

Bunch Play 1
In this play, you draw defenders in close and take advantage of all the space behind them.

End Around
Give yourself options to take advantage of whatever the defense throws your way.

Cover 3 Defense
Lose a rusher and gain an extra defender with this defense. 

Bunch Play 3
Launch a concentrated offensive attack with this play.

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