10 Most Popular Softball Drills On MOJO

Go-to drills that add a little fun to any youth softball practice


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These 10 bat, ball and glove drills from MOJO work great for youth softball teams of all ages, because they easily adjust based on how experienced (or inexperienced) your softball players are. 

Whether you’re working on catching and throwing basics, perfecting a swing or just having a blast with a really fun scrimmage, you’re in luck. 

Extreme Catch
Players build arm strength and throwing accuracy in this go-to game.

Gold Glove
In this game, fielders learn to make the play at every position.

Force Fields
Players practice swinging for the fences in this drill.

Basepath Relay
Players race their way around the diamond in this game.

Tee Time
Tee them up for some fun at the plate! 

Freeze Tag Up
In this game, baserunners get practice advancing on a fly ball.

Soft Toss Slugging
Help players dial in on their hitting mechanics.

Blast Ball
Beginners get comfortable on the field in this low stakes, high fun scrimmage.

Ground Ball Shuffle
Infielders stay on their toes, ready to explode, in this game.

Bounce Ball
In this game, hitters develop patience and timing at the dish.

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