3 Beginner Basketball Drills that Teach How to Pivot

Practice makes pivot


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After the jump stop comes the pivot. This trio of drills will introduce the basics of pivoting — until muscle memory makes it second nature. 

Feet First

Place a piece of tape on the court — one for each player. Ask players to stand on the tape with both feet, in triple threat position.

Then, ask them to pivot in different directions while keeping one foot planted on the tape. This will help them get used to the motion of pivoting. It builds balance and coordination, too.

Generally-speaking, right-handed players often use their left foot as their pivot, and vice versa. But players should practice both, because sometimes you’re forced to use your non-dominant foot.  


This game is an easy way to teach players about the different types of pivots. Start by demonstrating the moves yourself.

  • Right front pivot 
  • Right reverse pivot (a.k.a. a drop step)
  • Left front pivot 
  • Left reverse pivot (a.k.a. a drop step)

This cue can help beginners tell their front pivot from their reverse point:

  • In a front pivot, a player’s toes will lead the way. 
  • In a reverse pivot, a player’s heel leads the way.

Then, it’s their turn. Ask them to freeze in a “statue” position after they perform each move. This will help them to remember the correct footwork and build their muscle memory.

Passing Tag

Passing Tag is an easy way to teach players about pivoting while passing. Ask them to pivot in the direction of the pass and to protect the ball from defenders. This will help them understand how to pivot in a game situation.

Remember to keep things fun and engaging, and break down the steps of the pivot into easy-to-understand instructions. With practice and patience, your little players will be pivoting like pros in no time!

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