9 Best Baseball Drills for 11- and 12-Year-Olds

Keep it fun — and focused


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This is the age when youth baseball practice gets turned up a notch.

By 11 or 12, most kids have been playing for several seasons. They can easily hit the ball to the outfield, throw a ball with speed and accuracy and turn ground balls into quick outs. Your ace has mastered basic pitching mechanics. They actually look like baseball players out there.

What’s the best way to challenge baseball teams in this age group? Baseball practice plans that dig into the details. Think: hitting drills that hone line drives, fielding drills that teach kids to catch a fly ball without running into the fence, batting practice that explores different in-game scenarios, and pitching drills that encompass both skill and strategy.

But remember, they’re still kids – so keep it fun. Our nine best baseball drills for kids this age are exactly that. 

Two Ball
Keep your eyes on the ball… both of them!

Beat the Ball
It’s a race for fielders to get the ball to home before the runner.

Short Hop Showdown
We’re not afraid to field a short hop!

Think Fast
Players need to make a split decision during this hitting drill. 

Double the tees to get your line drive down. 

A quick transfer time gets the gold!

Final Warning
Fielders get up close and personal with the outfield wall. Pro tip: Sprint then turn.

Pitcher’s Fielding Practice
Think fast when the ball comes back at you!

Gold Glove
Practicing realistic scenarios gets players game-day ready.

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