9 Best Baseball Pitching Drills for Kids

To build skill, break it down


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Pitching is integral to the game of baseball — and one of the hardest things to learn. When it comes to teaching kids to pitch, help them develop good mechanics right from the start. 

Our nine best pitching drills for kids break down the pitching motion into parts — from the bend of the throwing arm and shoulder rotation to pitch velocity and the  balance point for a steady delivery. Over time, kids will rely on muscle memory. 

But before they get there, be patient. Keep practice fun and interesting. When your young pitchers feel comfortable on the mound – both mentally and physically – count that as a win.    

Kneel of Fortune
Wheel that upper body to the outside of the knee!

Balance Beam
Easy does it! Pitchers tap cones to help steady their delivery.

The Flamingo
Developing strength and control on one leg is not just for the birds. 

Towel Slap Pitching
No ball needed to perfect pitching mechanics. 

Rock ‘n Roll
Balance and rhythm – not just for dancing. 

The Scarecrow
That T-formation is key for pitch delivery. 

Right on Target
Spot on! Pitchers practice control by hitting certain points in the strike zone.

Throw a strike to stay in the game. 

The Bullpen
Pitchers refine their accuracy and sharpen their control in this baseball classic.

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