How to Make a Pinkie Catch

How low can you go?


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Not all passes in flag football hit their mark. Throwing dimes takes practice — and your quarterback is in elementary school. There’s a learning curve. 

Receivers will absolutely benefit from learning how to catch wild passes — especially ones that are about to hit the ground. What some coaches call a “pinkie catch,” others call “catching a low pass.” Either way, a player’s pinkie fingers have a key role when a pass comes in below the waist. 

Here’s the best way to make a pinkie catch and keep the play alive.

Get low

First, get the body positioning down — way down. A receiver should bend low at the knees and or waist, depending on their body position when receiving the ball. Experienced coaches tell players to get lower than they think they need to be. That way they’ll have a better shot at making the catch, instead of batting the ball to the ground. 

It’s much easier for a kid to make a low catch directly in front of their body. Help your players practice watching the pass in the air and adjusting their position on the field so they’re in line with the ball. 

Good hands

Like all catches, arms should be slightly bent to absorb the momentum of the football. Palms are up with fingers pointed to the ground. Pinkie fingers cross at their tops. Tell younger players to make a rake with their fingers. 

During the catch, the nose of the football should fit in the space above the pinkies, in between the palms. Now the receiver’s fingers can tighten firmly around the ball. Elbows and arms should be close together so the ball can’t fall in between them. 

Go long

A pinkie catch isn’t just for low passes. The same hand positioning is used to catch deep passes over the shoulder. The receiver catches the ball with their palms up, pinkies together, elbows side by side. Make sure your receivers practice making the catch on both sides of their bodies. The more options, the better the plays on game day!

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