Idaho Youth Soccer Association and MOJO Come Together to Empower Coaches and Bring MOJO Magic to the Gem State

Mutual Commitment to Community and Grassroots Sport


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BOISE, IDAHO (March 1, 2022) — Ahead of a much-anticipated spring soccer season, Idaho Youth Soccer Association (IYSA) and MOJO today announced a new partnership to make coaching easy and playing soccer more fun for 15,000+ youth soccer players across the state of Idaho.

Featuring hundreds of high-quality videos, the award-winning MOJO app empowers IYSA soccer coaches to plan fun, effective practices in seconds, with activities that are customizable for the age, skill level, and preferences of each team and player. The MOJO app is powered by partnerships with FC Barcelona and US Youth Soccer, and built in conjunction with top child development and youth sports experts, to help bring together age-appropriate development and the power of fun to practice in order to foster love of the game.

“The MOJO app will be a game-changer for our grassroots coaches,” said Nicole Arsenault, Technical Director for IYSA, the largest youth soccer organization in Idaho. “MOJO takes the work and responsibility of planning practices off of the coaches and allows them to spend their time where it matters, with the kids. MOJO will make sure we’re offering developmentally appropriate options for every age and stage. This will help coaches and teams have more fun as they develop, and ultimately keep kids and families in the game, season after season.”

“MOJO is thrilled to partner with Idaho Youth Soccer,” said Tom Arnett, Chief Customer Officer at MOJO. “We just released the MOJO app two seasons ago, and we’re already seeing an impact with kids excited to continue playing the game and developing their skills. We can’t wait to work with Nicole and team to bring this same approach to youth soccer players across Idaho.”

As part of the partnership between MOJO and IYSA, soccer coaches and parents across the state of Idaho will have access to the MOJO app’s easy-to-use technology and world-class educational content. The partnership also establishes MOJO as the Official Grassroots Coaching Partner of the Idaho Youth Soccer.

The MOJO app is available on iOS and Android platforms. To learn more about MOJO, visit or follow MOJO on social media via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.To learn more about how MOJO can help your league or organization, visit


MOJO is on a mission to make youth sports more fun for everyone – one kid, one coach, one team at a time. Launched in February 2021, MOJO is a robust digital platform that empowers parents who coach youth sports to bring world-class training to the largest pool of players in the world – kids aged 13 and under. Supporting more than 250,000 families in its first year, MOJO believes that youth sports has the power to transform lives, not just for the kids on the field but the coaches and parents on the sidelines. MOJO is committed to equity, inclusion and helping to level the playing field for kids everywhere. MOJO’s partnerships include MLB, the NBA, NFL FLAG, FC Barcelona, US Youth Soccer, SAY Soccer, Positive Coaching Alliance and more. For more information, visit

Idaho Youth Soccer (IYSA) is the leader in developing, promoting, and administering soccer competition among youth players in the state of Idaho. Established in 1979, we are a non-profit with our office located out of Boise, ID. We offer varying levels of play with approximately 25,000 competitive and recreational games a season for players up to 19 years of age. IYSA’s mission is to provide quality educational and developmental opportunities for all members while promoting public understanding of the game of soccer. For more information, visit

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