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Soccer drills straight from the Barça Academy, for your team


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If you’ve ever heard an eager young soccer player say they want to “play like Messi,” now’s your chance.

As the official coaching content partner of FC Barcelona, MOJO provides exclusive access to training created in collaboration with the coaches of the Barça Academy in Spain, where kids age 6 to 18 train with the hope of one day making the first team. Now, for the first time ever, with the MOJO app, anyone can learn the Barça Way

How to add the Barça Way to your practices

If you already use the MOJO app to automatically build your weekly soccer practice, you will start to see games from FC Barcelona naturally integrate.

If you want to experiment with the Barça Way on your own, it’s easy. From any practice, tap Browse, then Practice Activities and tap on FC Barcelona. On the next screen, you’ll see the first wave of games from FC Barcelona, including Last Player Standing, a finishing game where, first, two players work together to get past a defender, then the first attacker — the last player standing — goes 1 v 1 and tries to score. Games like these work on both the technical and tactical aspects of soccer — and help individual players develop the kind of decision-making mindset they need to play as one.

Keep in mind that most of the Barcelona curriculum assumes a general familiarity with core soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting, and tend to work best for players age 10 and up.

Made with H.E.A.R.T.

The Barça Way may look, feel and sound completely different from other soccer practices — and that’s the point.

The activities are meant to develop the team as a whole, not just individual players. And they are rooted in FC Barcelona’s core values, known by the acronym H.E.A.R.T.


Més que un club, now available for every coach in the world — for free. 

The Barça Way, powered by MOJO

If you don’t yet have the MOJO app, now is the perfect time.


In addition to FC Barcelona team drills, MOJO has an entire curriculum of at-home games and activities designed to help young soccer players develop their skills outside of practice.

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