Leaving So Soon?

MOJO is adding new features and content to make your season better every week


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If you haven’t been in the MOJO app in a while, you may have missed some of our incredible new features —  all created to make your youth sports journey easy and fun. 

Here’s a quick recap of what’s new:

  • MOJO now has world-class training for the 5 most popular youth sports in the US, each backed by world class organizations: baseball and softball in partnership with MLB, basketball in partnership with the Jr. NBA, flag football in partnership with NFL FLAG, and soccer in partnership with FC Barcelona and US Youth Soccer.
  • It’s now easier than ever to connect and communicate with your team on the CHAT tab.  Suggest activities to do outside of practice, share can’t-miss photos and videos, coordinate, and more.
  • Every time you open the MOJO app, you’ll be greeted with your own personalized checklist of items on the HOME tab. Each task will make your season even better, with activities and content tailored just for you.
  • Behind the MOJO+ tab is an entire library of activities —across all of our sports — to help kids improve and have fun outside of practice, anytime, anywhere. These games are all built with and backed by the same experts who built MOJO’s fantastic team practice content!

With MOJO, there are so many ways to save time, eliminate stress, and make youth sports easy and fun. We’d hate for you to miss out, especially as new features and content roll out weekly.

If you’re still sure about leaving MOJO, we’d love to know why.

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