Let’s Play Lacrosse

From Premier Lacrosse League, it’s the PLL PLAYbook.


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Did you know lacrosse is considered the fastest-growing sport in the US. Since 2000, it’s ballooned more than 200% – and hailed as a “a gender equitable, highly athletic, dynamic game.” People, lacrosse is fun – fun to watch, fun to learn, fun to play.

Thanks to PLL Play – the youth development arm of Premier Lacrosse League – core youth lacrosse training for players up to age 14 is right at your fingertips. The training is built with drills and coaching points, how-tos straight from PLL pros, as well as diagrams and animations to make things easy and accessible for coaches and players alike.

And it’s all in the MOJO app.

How to create your lacrosse team on MOJO

If you’re brand new to MOJO, just follow the onboarding instructions. You’ll be set up for your season in no time.

If you already have the MOJO app, here’s how to access:

  • Tap on the green PROFILE icon on the upper left of your screen.
  • Tap on CREATE A TEAM
  • The MOJO app will ask you which sport you’re playing. Just choose Lacrosse and the app will guide you through the rest of onboarding in a matter of seconds.
  • If you’ve played other sports with MOJO, you can manage them all under My Teams.

Not on a team right now? Don’t worry! Join MOJO without a team to get access to a whole library of articles on youth lacrosse. And if you’re curious about MOJO’s suite of at-home training, including lacrosse, upgrade to MOJO+, which you can try for free for a week.


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