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Live stream now for a big payoff later


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Sometimes, you can’t make the game. Or maybe you weren’t looking during the big play. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

Now, with live streaming in the MOJO app, everyone on the team can be part of the moment while it’s happening — no matter where they are.

To live stream, be sure to upgrade to the latest version of the MOJO app.

Here’s how it works.

Anyone — and everyone — can live stream

If you’re at a game or event, and you have the MOJO app, you can start a live stream — and anyone on the team can watch it. Each game can have multiple streams, covering multiple angles, so someone will always have the action shot or highlight. 

Look for the big red button 

When there’s a game on the schedule, you’ll be able to stream directly from the Home tab. Just tap Start Live Stream from the FanZone module.

You can also join a live stream from the FanZone directly from the Schedule tab. Just look for the red live stream button.

Every stream is saved

All live streams are saved in to the Media tab, where they are ready to be tagged and added to a player’s Timeline — so long as you’re a MOJO+ subscriber.

Easily capture clips

During a live stream, anyone who is watching can capture key moments and highlights using the clip back tool. The tool lets you clip and save any 60-second highlight. Just tap the scissors with the 60 on it.

Create the ultimate Timeline

Saved streams help everyone on the team create bigger, better, more robust Timelines — so you never miss a moment.

MOJO+ subscribers can go back into any saved stream to search for clips, highlights and all the key moments that make up a player’s season. Only MOJO+ subscribers have full access to all saved media to help create the ultimate youth sports highlight reel. 

Not just memories

Streams that are saved on the Media tab are also a great way to review game film — for coaches, parents and players, alike.

Stay tuned

If you start streaming now, you’ll be glad you did later. That’s because — coming soon, as part of MOJO+ — MOJO is launching a new way for those who aren’t on the team to be a part of every moment. 

Every live stream, video clip and action photo — and more — that is saved to a player’s Timeline will be fully shareable with friends and family all over the world, with a single URL. Shareable player profiles will bring what’s happening on the field to screens anywhere. 

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