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We’ve teamed up with MLS to power incredible soccer seasons.


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Boom! Now we’re talking. We’ve joined forces with Major League Soccer (MLS) to power incredible soccer seasons via the MOJO app. Whether you’re a coach or a parent, your kids will benefit from hundreds of drills and how-tos, backed by MLS.

MLS joins our world-class lineup of soccer partners, including FC Barcelona and US Youth Soccer. With MOJO, you can be sure that every activity, drill, how-to, and resource is backed by the very best experts, and is guaranteed to be fun and effective.

How do I access the MLS drills?

If you already know and love the MOJO app, the MLS-backed drills are automatically part of your practice.

If you’re new to MOJO, they are easy to find.

  • For coaches, MLS team drills and practice plans are browsable straight from the HOME tab or, when you create a practice.
    • To create a practice, simply select the “+” icon on the right-hand side of the HOME or SCHEDULE tabs, and tap “Practice”.
    • Once you tell us a little bit about your schedule, you’ll be able to plan that practice in just a few taps, using MLS-backed drills and practice plans (as well as with activities and practice plans for our other partners, including FC Barcelona).
  • For parents, when your team’s coach plans a practice including MLS drills, you’ll be able to watch the videos ahead of practice. Simply tap into the practice event and take a look. You can tap into a practice straight from the HOME tab, or on the SCHEDULE tab.

More from MLS, coming soon

This is just the beginning of our partnership. Stay tuned for even more from MOJO and MLS — all aimed at making coaching and playing youth soccer better than ever, no matter where you are.

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