Oregon Youth Soccer and MOJO Come Together to Empower Coaches and Bring MOJO Magic to the Beaver State

Mutual Commitment to Community and Grassroots Sport


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PORTLAND, Or. (July 7, 2021) — Oregon Youth Soccer Association (OYSA) and MOJO are proud to announce a partnership to put the magic back into youth sports. Together, they will provide coaches, clubs and teams across Oregon with a one-stop coach-in-a-box app that takes the aggravation and chaos out of coaching.

OYSA, a member of U.S. Youth Soccer, hopes to enrich and improve the grassroots soccer experience with MOJO’s easy-to-use technology and world-class educational content developed by top coaches, experts and elite athletes. 

OYSA coaches and parents will be able to special access the free MOJO app which features exclusive short-form videos customized to age and skill level and one-touch tools to plan fun and engaging practices. OYSA coaches can download the free MOJO app on their mobile device and create a profile affiliated with OYSA. Once they create a profile, they will have access to MOJO’s library of content and practice plans personalized to their preferences and their team’s needs.

“OYSA is excited to be offering this incredible resource at such an important time for youth soccer,” said Nelson Larson, technical director of OYSA. “I’ve personally used the MOJO on the field with my daughters’ teams and saw the incredible impact MOJO can have for players and coaches. MOJO can help coaches save time and reduce stress, while providing a fun-filled practice all players will enjoy. We believe MOJO will make a significant difference for grassroots soccer in Oregon.” 

“We’re thrilled to work with Oregon Youth Soccer, helping support the return to play and bringing the magic back to youth sports,” said Reed Shaffner, co-founder and COO of MOJO. “MOJO is all about saving time on preparation and planning, and making time on the field more fun and meaningful.”

The new partnership with OYSA reflects MOJO’s commitment to building strategic relationships with leading youth sports organizations, clubs and teams in the U.S. and around the world. The partnership also establishes MOJO as an Official Grassroots Coaching App of the Oregon Youth Soccer Association.

About MOJO:

MOJO is on a mission to make youth sports more fun for everyone – one kid, one coach, one family at a time. Launched in early February 2021, MOJO is a robust digital platform that empowers parents who coach youth sports to bring world-class training to the largest pool of players in the world – kids aged 13 and under. MOJO believes that youth sports have the power to transform lives, not just for the kids on the field but the coaches and parents on the sidelines. MOJO is committed to equity, inclusion and helping to level the playing field for kids everywhere. For more information, visit www.mojo.sport.

About Oregon Youth Soccer Association:

Oregon Youth Soccer Association (“OYSA”), founded in 1974, is a nonprofit youth organization that administers, supports and grows soccer across the state of Oregon. The organization’s mission is to foster an environment that promotes the physical, mental and emotional development of Oregon’s youth through the sport of soccer. For more information, visit www.oregonyouthsoccer.org.

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