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Now, you can share hundreds of games to play at home


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At MOJO, we believe that fun and development shouldn’t be limited to the hour(s) a player spends at practice each week. And we are constantly innovating to make youth sports easier and more fun — not just at practice, but anytime, anywhere.

Now, coaches and parents alike you can share fun, age-appropriate activities that parents and kids can do together outside of practice — directly from the MOJO app.

Have a blast outside of practice

You can find hundreds of activities to do with kids outside of practice on the MOJO+ tab in the MOJO app. These activities are designed by the same world-class organizations and experts as our team drills and 101s – but made for parents and kids to do together after school, after practice, during family night, or wherever and whenever you might want.

How do I share these activities?

To make it easy, we’ve curated a list of the 10 best at-home activities just for you — by age, sport, and skill level of your kid(s). You can find those on the HOME tab. And the entire library of at-home activities is featured on the MOJO+ tab. You have access to a limited number of free activities and games each week, and you can unlock the entire library with a MOJO+ subscription.

To share them, simply select an activity from the MOJO+ tab. Below Underneath the video on the right, you’ll see an icon to Share the activity. Tap that, and send it to one of your team’s Chats, or select “More options” to send it another way – via text, email, or any other app on your phone.

Go ahead, share away!

Coaches and parents alike can share these activities with the team, with a friend, with a fellow coach or parent – anyone who is down to play. These activities and games are a great way to get kids and families playing together in ways that help kids have fun and develop. (Up to you if you want to make it a friendly competition!)

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