Say Hello to the MLS GO MLS PLAYBOOK

It’s MLS GO’s new grassroots youth soccer curriculum.


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MLS GO, the youth recreational soccer program of MLS, supports participation, growth, and access to recreational youth soccer. And its latest offering, the MLS GO PLAYBOOK, is now available on mobile exclusively in the MOJO and TeamSnap apps.

The MLS GO PLAYBOOK is a free-to-access coaching resource that is also available via desktop on the MLS GO website. It is split into six age-specific groups, with related content that gives coaches a basic understanding of the physical, mental, technical, and tactical development of children between the ages of 4 and 14 and specific areas of focus for each age group.

“We are excited to launch the MLS GO PLAYBOOK as a resource that increases access to youth soccer coaching materials and aids in MLS GO’s mission of improving participation in recreational soccer by players from all backgrounds and genders,” said Fred Lipka, MLS Vice President of Player and Youth Development. “The curriculum encourages steady development for both players and coaches while creating an enjoyable soccer experience.”

To find the MLS GO drills, session plans and more in the MOJO app, tap Team Activities or Practice Plans on the Home tab and tap on MLS GO on the following screen. If you haven’t yet planned your next practice, you can also add an MLS GO session from the Schedule tab. Tap on your next schedule practice, tap “Select a focus area” and tap MLS GO. You can add the age-appropriate session plan right there.

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