What Are MoBucks and How Do I Use Them?

Moola vs MoBucks: What’s the difference?


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Player Cards. Moola. Packs. Stickers. The wide world of MOJO’s video game-inspired system to get kids playing more (and create cool memories!) is full of possibilities — and it just got even better.

Introducing MoBucks, the way parents can inject extra moments of magic and fun for their kids on MOJO.

How do MoBucks work?

MoBucks are purchased within the MOJO app. You can use MoBucks to purchase Packs, which contain items for your kid’s card.

To purchase MoBucks, simply tap into your kid’s Player Card and tap on the Store icon. There, below Packs, you’ll see the option to buy MoBucks. When you purchase them, they’ll show up in your wallet on the top right of the screen.

What’s the difference between MoBucks and Moola?

Moola is the in-app currency of MOJO — one that kids earn through play. MoBucks are purchased — you pay for them, rather than play for them. Additionally, because Moola is earned by kids for playing, it can’t be transferred across teams or siblings. When you buy MoBucks, you can apply them to purchases for any of your kids on any of their teams.

Both Moola and MoBucks can be used to purchase Packs. If your player doesn’t have enough Moola to buy a pack, the MOJO app will highlight how many MoBucks to purchase in order to buy that Pack.

Purchasing MoBucks is a way for parents to give kids some extra ways to decorate their card. Want to reward kids for something they did this week? Purchasing a few MoBucks for them is a great way to do so. Want to help them create the coolest card on the team? MoBucks can give them an extra boost.

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