MOJO is on a mission, a mission to make youth sports fun again — one kid, one coach, one team at a time.

Sounds simple. But it’s not.

Some 50 million kids play organized sports in the US alone, and 500 million worldwide. It’s a big business. And it’s broken. Kids are dropping out or burning out young. Coaches are overwhelmed. Leagues are losing players. And the playing field is far from level.

MOJO is here to change that.

By putting the right tools in the right hands, MOJO helps kids become better athletes, parents become better coaches and everyone make memories to last a lifetime.

And we want you to be a part of the magic.

All are welcome. If your team is already training for the Olympics, God bless. MOJO may not be your speed. But we’ll be rooting for them in 2032.

MOJO is for the rest of us — the 99% of moms and dads who are just trying to do right by their kid. We are for the rec leagues and the neighborhood teams. We are for the volunteer coach with a demanding day job. For the team parent, working behind the scenes to make sure kids are fed and at the right field — on time. For every family on the sidelines.

MOJO is there at practice, on game day, and for what happens off the field. We believe in post-game pizza and ice cream. And we know that what happens on the ride there and back is as important as the competition itself.

We are the first to cheer and the last ones on the field — because MOJO doesn’t leave anyone behind.

MOJO is powered by teamwork. We are fueled by community. We believe the field — or the court, or the rink — is for everyone, regardless of zip code, gender, race or ability. And we are inspired by the memories of the coaches and teammates who first believed in us, encouraged us, challenged us — and who made it really fun.

You never forget a great season. And MOJO believes there are great seasons ahead for all of us.

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