10 Best 5v5 Flag Football Plays

Keep the defense guessing


| 7 min watch

NFL FLAG football teams compete 5 on 5, and the NFL FLAG Playbook is made specifically for teams that size. But where to start? Here are some of the best-loved flag football plays for 5v5, all in the MOJO app.

Single Back Play 2
When you need to gain yards quickly, take a deep shot down the field with this play.

I Formation Play 3
All it takes is a straight line to throw a defense into chaos.

Twins Formation Play 2
It takes two deep routes and two out routes in this play.

Twins Formation Play 3
Double moves, angular routes and three deep targets come together in this play.

Twins Stack Play 1
Double down on twins and stack formations with this play.

Move the defense one way while sending the ball in the other.

Single Set Play 3
Deep crossing plays will almost always result in a touchdown.

Trips Formation Play 2
In this play, you overwhelm the defense with options.

Spread Play 2
In this play, challenge the defense vertically with short, intermediate and deep options.

Double Back Play 2
Surprise the defense with three deep routes in this play.

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