10 Best Youth Flag Football Plays

Ready. Set. Scramble the defense.


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The key to a fantastic youth flag football season? Practice, yes, and perseverance, too — but also a solid flag football playbook.

Great flag football plays are flexible and full of surprises. But it takes time to commit a set of 8 or 10 plays to memory. How many yards behind the quarterback should the X receiver be? Which side of the field should your Y receiver be? Which side of the quarterback is your Z receiver? What is the center doing? It’s worth running through a couple go-to plays at every practice, so they become like muscle memory when it counts: game day.

Here are 10 youth flag football plays straight from the NFL Flag Playbook that are guaranteed to help your team scramble the defense.

Trips Stack Play 2
Overwhelm the defense with three quick options in this play.

Twins Stack Play 2
Be prepared to take on both man and zone defenses with this play.

Twins Play 2
It takes two deep routes and two out routes in this play.

The Double Reverse
Misdirect the defense to buy your offense time and space. 

Fake Double Reverse
Master the art of illusion with a twist on a misdirection classic.

Fake Triple Reverse
Confuse the defense with 3 times the misdirection.

Trips Play 3
Outwitting the defense is as simple as an out, a whip and a smash.

Twins Play 3
Double moves, angular routes and three deep targets come together in this play.

Spread Play 3
Confound a man defense with the crossing route combinations in this play.

Single Set Play 1
Overload a zone defense for some big yardage with this play.

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