10 Best Softball Drills for 11- and 12-Year-Olds

Teach technique, but focus on fun


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Softball drills are centered around hitting, throwing the ball and catching. Makes sense – there’s a lot to learn. 

By age 11 or 12, most of these young players have got the fundamentals down. It’s time to work on the technique that will make them even stronger on game day. 

Our 10 best softball drills for 11- and 12-year-olds take softball practice to the next level, without forgetting the fun – ‘cuz they’re still kids!

Go for the gold with quick transfer times and accurate throws. 

Four Corners
Quick throws around the diamond keeps players on their toes. 

Think Fast
Batting practice reaches a fever pitch!

Double the tees means double the fun in this game.

Beat the Ball
Who’s gonna win? Runners round the bases while the fielders try to get the ball home first.

Gold Glove
Who’s got it? All players get a shot to make the out.

Bunting Bonanza
Hitters lay down bunts as fielders scramble to get outs.

Go the Distance
Pitchers start close to the plate to dial in their release point – then back it up. 

Pop Quiz
Fielders make the grade by catching fly balls at each position.

The Simulator
Go team! Hitters, fielders and baserunners practice in-game scenarios together.

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