10 Best Softball Drills for 6-Year-Olds

Put the fun in softball fundamentals


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Have you ever watched 6-year-olds try to play softball? If not, just know that it takes a while for things to look anything like the actual game. At this age, you’re just trying to get them comfortable with the gear and the basic skills — and to point them toward the correct base. 

With beginners, the key is to keep the drills simple and accessible. Don’t be afraid to modify the games and activities. Bigger, softer balls are easier to hit and help kids feel more successful. Feel free to try catching games barehanded at first. 

Luckily, these 10 bat, ball and glove drills for 6-year-olds have one thing in common: They’re fun to play, and easy to teach. 

Players are in a literal league of their own in this game.

Alligator Traps
Kids will love gobbling up grounders in this skill-building game.

Belly Up
Players improve their reaction time in this game.

Lazy Catch
Players learn to read and field grounders in this game. 

Tee Time
Tee them up for some fun at the plate! 

Basepath Relay
Players race their way around the diamond in this game.

Clean Up Crew
Get that ball off of my yard! 

Over Under
Infielders practice two ways to throw and catch in one simple game. 

Up Top, Down Low
Let’s see those high fives! In this game, players practice the proper way to catch pop ups.

Water Balloon Derby
It’s the perfect way to cool off after a hot day.

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