10 Best Softball Drills for 7- and 8-Year-Olds

Batter up!


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Softball players at this age can start a season with a wide range of skills — some can barely play catch, and others have a couple seasons under the belt already. That means a coach needs a mix of games and activities that keep all players engaged, regardless of experience.

These 10 bat, ball and glove drills help softball and baseball players alike develop the core skills that make the game fun. If you have true beginners on your team, be sure to work on basic throwing and catching, fielding skills and hitting first so that they can feel successful as they work together to get the out or knock one out of the park. 

Four Corners
In this game, players sharpen their throwing accuracy.

Two Ball
Keep your eyes on the ball… both of them!

Hit the Helmet
Moneyball takes on a whole new meaning in this game.

Basepath Blitz
Get every runner into scoring position in this game.

Kneeled It
Fielding grounders is all about finding the right angles in the outfield. 

Throwing Seeds
In this game, outfielders practice cutting runners down at the plate.

Trust Catch
Outfielders show off Top 10-worthy grabs in this game.

Bunting Bonanza
In this game, hitters lay down bunts as fielders try turning them into outs.

Go the Distance
In this game, pitchers pepper the strike zone from near and far.

Pitcher’s Poison
The play is always at the mound in this game.

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