10 Best Softball Drills for Kids

Remember, there’s nothing soft about softball


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Young softball players and baseball players practice in pretty much the same way to develop their skills — from basic catching, throwing and hitting to pitching strike after strike.

These 10 drills are kid-tested — and coach-approved. From pitching basics to games and activities that mimic game-time scenarios, these drills help developing softball players hone the skills they need to go the full seven innings.

In the Zone
Accuracy is a softball pitcher’s best friend in this game.

Gold Glove
In this game, fielders learn to make the play at every position.

Fielders trap runners in a jam in this classic game.

Beat the Ball
Fielders practice their footwork and throwing mechanics while runners round the bases.

Batters work on hitting for contact in this classic game.

Think Fast
Batting practice reaches a fever pitch!

The Box
There’s no telling where fly balls might land in this game.

In this game, players learn to field with a golden glove. 

Pop Quiz
Fielders practice catching fly balls at each position (without the pressure of the actual game).

Pitcher’s Poison
The play is always at the mound in this game.

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