10 Best Softball Fielding Drills for Kids

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Fielding a softball is all about technique, first, then movement. The best fielding drills get kids moving their bodies up, down and all around the diamond.

Our top 10 softball fielding drills bring it all together at practice. From scooping up grounders to catching pop-ups, and throwing the ball to the right place, these drills help beginners and seasoned players alike develop essential fielding skills. Plus, they’ll have a blast doing it!

Belly Up
Players improve their reaction time as they pop up from prone position.

Alligator Traps
Kids will love gobbling up grounders in this skill-building game.

Lazy Catch
Players take two knees as they learn to read and field grounders. 

Wide Receiver
The diamond meets the gridiron in this outfielding drill that’s a hit with football enthusiasts. 

Ground Ball Shuffle
Keep infielders on their toes, ready to explode, and no grounder will get by them.

Short Hop Showdown
It’s kids vs. hops – time to dig the ball out of the dirt!

Pop Quiz
Q: Can a fielder at each position successfully catch a fly ball? A: They’ll certainly have fun practicing their pop-ups!

Grab Bag
What’s it gonna be? Players alternate catching barehanded grounders and pop ups in this unpredictable game. 

The Box
There’s no telling where fly balls might land in this game. Watch your corners, kid!

Gold Glove
Players need to think fast as they learn to make the winning play at every position.

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