10 Best Softball Throwing Drills for Kids

Throw your heart out, players


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Throwing a softball with strength, speed and accuracy is a skill even the most experienced softball players work on in practice. But why not have a little fun while you’re at it, especially when you’re just learning the game?

These 10 throwing drills are player favorites — and youth softball coach approved. From the most basic game of catch to games where players are making the out, young players will learn about proper form and, eventually, how to throw with some MOJO.  

Extreme Catch
Players build arm strength and throwing accuracy in this go-to game.

Over Under
Infielders practice two ways to throw and catch in one simple game. 

Players are in a literal league of their own in this game.

Find out who has an arm—and who has a laser—in this game.

Clean Up Crew
Get that ball off of my yard! 

Knock It Off
Find out what a soccer ball is doing on a tee in this game.

Infield Target Practice
In this game, players sling the ball around the diamond.

Four Corners
In this game, players sharpen their throwing accuracy.

Throwing Seeds
In this game, outfielders practice cutting runners down at the plate.

Gold Glove
In this game, fielders learn to make the play at every position.

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