10 Most Popular Basketball Drills on MOJO

Fun, effective youth basketball drills beloved by coaches and players alike


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The best youth basketball drills have at least one thing in common — they get everyone involved. As any parent-coach knows, kids who are standing around in long lines watching other kids shoot are easy to lose, and it’s much, much harder to get them back once they’re gone.

Fun, effective basketball drills for recreational players get kids moving and keep their interest with a lot of action, some competition and effective skill-building, whether a coach is working on basic ball-handling with 6-year-olds or complex, small-sided games that mimic situations from the real game for kids who are on their way to high school. 

These 10 basketball drills are coach-tested, and kid-approved — and rank among the most popular on the MOJO app. 

More to Score
This small-sided game encourages teamwork by rewarding the team with more players who score.

Scoring Duos
It takes two to score in this shooting drill that teaches two-player offensive moves. 

Alley Hoops
It’s a basketball obstacle course! This dynamic activity develops both offensive and defensive skills in older players. 

3 on 2
There’s strength in numbers. Show experienced players how to use an extra player to get around defenders and score.

Keep Away
The key here is to pass the ball between teammates without losing it to the defense.

Teach offensive players of all ages to find and penetrate gaps in the defense, while encouraging teamwork among defenders.

Make It, Take It
Let’s see some shooting stars! Players shoot under pressure in this fun, fast-paced activity. 

Meep meep! This fast-paced tag game helps younger players develop dribble moves and coordination skills.

Musical Basketballs
After the music stops, the first player to make their basket wins. Great shooting drill for beginners.

Basketball Tennis
The ball’s in your court! Players of all ages practice catching difficult passes in this game that combines two of our favorite sports.

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