5 Podcasts for Coaching Motivation

Let’s call it a coaching MasterClass, during your regular commute

Jordan Ligons

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The travel time from the office to the practice field is precious. Why not become a better coach while you commute? Just cue up a podcast. It’s like you’re a fly on the wall, listening to the world’s most inspiring coaches, parents and leaders as they candidly talk about their successes and failures, and — most importantly — valuable teaching moments along the way.

Here are five podcasts that pack a (motivational) punch:

For the Coach’s Coach

Art of Coaching podcast

The Art of Coaching hosted by Brett Bartholomew, author of Conscious Coaching

Coaching truly is an art form. And as you work to hone your craft, this podcast will spoon-feed you encouragement and motivation to keep going. Topics include “How to Deal With Overwhelm and Burnout” and yes, even “How to Deal With Pushy Sport Parents.” Plus, world-class athletes join Bartholomew to discuss confidence, mental health, adversity and much more.

For the Parent-Coach

Raising Fame podcast

Raising Fame: Sports Edition hosted by NBA star Steph Curry’s parents, Sonya and Dell Curry

Ever wonder how Venus and Serena Williams became … well, Venus and Serena? Parents of a superstar in his own right, the Currys have intimate conversations with the parents of once-in-a-generation athletes to explore the challenges, successes and highlights of their career. Don’t worry if your kid isn’t going pro, the best part about these episodes is the callback to the early days when they first fell in love with their sport.

For the Gold-Medal Coach

Way of Champions podcast

Way of Champions Podcast hosted by John O’Sullivan of Changing the Game Project

O’Sullivan taps into a wide range of categories from coach development to sports psychology, giving you the tools to be successful on and off the field. Hear from NBA coaches — like the Utah Jazz’s Quin Snyder or the Golden State Warriors’ Steve Kerr — as they share their coaching philosophies. Or, learn from a video game designer about the best ways to engage with your players.

For the CEO Coach

Coaching for Leaders podcast

Coaching for Leaders hosted by Dr. Dave Stachowiak of Coaching for Leaders Academy

There are a lot of parallels between coaching in sports and business — and the main one is leadership. If you’re new to this whole sports thing, but come from a business background, this podcast is for you. Produced since 2011, Stachowiak has a library of more than 500 episodes — each one an insightful 30-minute conversation about how leaders aren’t born, they’re made.

For the Empowered Coach

The WeCoach podcast

The WeCOACH Podcast hosted by Megan Kahn, CEO of WeCOACH

This podcast features the stories of some of the greatest women coaches, industry leaders and administrators at sports programs around the country. Come for the #girlpower but stay for the inspiring and insightful, candid conversations as guests go beyond Xs and Os and share their “why.”

Press play on an episode from one of these podcasts when you’re low on mojo — MOJO’s own podcast is coming soon! — and you’ll be ready to spring onto the field to inspire, encourage and motivate young athletes to be the best they can be.

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