6 Best Softball Pitching Drills for Kids

Circle. Snap. Strike.


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At the risk of stating the obvious: Softball pitching is nothing like pitching in baseball. Softball pitchers throw the ball underhand – their pitching arm rotating in a circle that looks like a windmill. Pitching drills are crucial to help kids separate the softball pitching motion into smaller components that are easier to learn. 

Because, wow, there’s a lot to learn, from the proper stride position (pitchers stand facing the catcher, legs shoulder width apart) to the correct technique for releasing the ball (glove hand at shoulder height, arm circle, release point at hip). 

Players have a lot of work to do before they attempt the full motion of a softball pitch. These six beginner softball pitching drills for kids will help them get there. 

Half Circles
Whip that arm down!

Circle Up
Round and round to the same release point every time.

Make It Snappy
A strong wrist snap equals a speedy pitch. 

Go the Distance
Pitchers start close to the plate then move back – always hitting the strike zone. 

In the Zone
Slow it down to focus on accuracy.

The Bullpen
Pitchers develop control within the strike zone in this softball classic.

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