Elements of a MOJO Player Card

Backgrounds, photos, films, frames, and stickers, oh my!


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If you’ve ever played a video game, you’re familiar with the concept of creating your profile and choosing your avatar. It’s the onramp into the game — the identity you bring with you as you play, progress, and unlock new features.

Well, MOJO’s on a mission to make real-life sports as fun as video games — and that starts with kids creating their Player Card every season. It’s the ultimate profile, one they can customize and make their own… and eventually do so much more (stay tuned!)

As of now, there are 5 main elements of a MOJO Player Card, each customizable. The more kids play, the more Moola they’ll earn, and the more customizations they’ll unlock for each element. Think: Fortnite or Roblox skins, but earned through real-life play. It’s a system guaranteed to get kids playing more, and it results in the coolest, most memorable season keepsake ever. Talk about a win-win.

Let’s dive into the elements of a MOJO Player Card.


Backgrounds are the base layer of all Player Cards. They come in tons of different styles that players can choose from. Only one can be shown on a Player Card at a time.

New backgrounds are unlocked when players purchase Packs with Moola, and some are rarer than others.


Photos are the central element of each player’s card. This is their picture, their chance to shine. They can strike a pose, use an action shot, mimic their favorite famous cards… the world is their oyster.

You also can move photos forward and backward, so that you can layer other elements (frames, films, and stickers) above or below them.

Learn more about how to take and upload a player photo here.


Every great picture needs a frame! Like backgrounds, these come in tons of different styles that players can unlock by purchasing packs. Similarly, some are more common than others — so players are more likely to unlock certain frames. Read more about element rarity here.

Like photos, you can move frames forward and backward, so that you can layer other elements above or below them. Only one frame can be used on a card at a time — extra frames are stored in a player’s element library in the card editor.


Players can add some pizzazz to their card by layering a film on top of the background. Films are transparent overlays featuring cool designs like patterns and gradients. Like backgrounds and frames, only one film can be used on a card at a time (the rest are stored in a player’s element library in the card editor). You can additionally move films forward and backward to sit above or below different elements.


Get ready to deck out the card! Stickers are the topmost layer of a MOJO Player Card, and can be placed anywhere on the card. They can also be moved forwards and backwards to sit in front of or behind other layers. Think: putting a foam finger on your player’s hand, lightning bolts by their name, and more. Like backgrounds, films, and frames, stickers come in a variety of different rarities: some are harder to unlock than others.

Players are able to add one sticker to their card for free. To add multiple stickers, upgrade to MOJO+.

Infinite ways to customize

Between these 5 elements — backgrounds, photos, frames, films, and stickers — there’s no shortage of possibilities for players to make their card their own. It’s the ultimate season profile — one they’ll definitely want to show off to friends, teammates, grandma and grandpa, and even the next door neighbor.

And the best part? It makes for a pretty cool keepsake at the end of each season. Imagine getting to look back at it 10 years from now. 😎

Get featured on MOJO

We’re obsessed with Player Cards, and love seeing the cool designs that players come up with! For a chance to have your player’s card featured on the app and social media, send it to highfive@mojo.sport.

Have questions or need help? You can always reach us at support@mojo.sport.

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