What Is Player Card Item Rarity?

And how it affects players’ chances of unlocking items.


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In the MOJO Player Card platform, not all items are created equal — much like in video games, where some unlocks are harder to get than others. If everything were the same, it wouldn’t be as much fun to play and unlock new things!

Different backgrounds, films, frames, and stickers have different rarities, based on how likely players are to unlock them. Players obtain new items of different rarities when they use Moola to purchase Packs.

Let’s unpack (see what we did there?) the different rarity levels of Player Card items.


The easiest type of items to obtain, common items show up in packs with the highest frequency.


Rare items are a step up from common, and slightly harder to get. But, the payoff is sweet: these items are even cooler!


Now we’re getting serious. Epic items are hard to get, but more fun to show off to friends, teammates, and grandma and grandpa.


The grand daddy of all item rarities, Legendary items are the hardest to get — and the best of the best.

Maximize chances of getting rarer items

Psst… we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Not all packs are created equal, either. Some packs (like the Ultra Pack) offer higher odds of getting rarer items than others.

Of course, players will need to save up more Moola to purchase bigger packs. But it’s the surest way to unlock rarer items.

Items of different rarities make one-of-a-kind cards

The best thing about items of different rarities is that they can be mixed and matched on cards. That means that players can use them to create endless different combinations as they make their card their own.

P.S… Send your player’s card to us at highfive@mojo.sport and get a chance to be featured in the app and on our platform!

Questions? You can always email us at support@mojo.sport.

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