Host Your Own Pitch, Hit & Run with MOJO and MLB

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Host a Pitch, Hit & Run competition and give your local youth baseball or softball talent a chance to compete their way to the National Finals.

Hosting a competition is even easier than running practice, and it’s free. 

The PITCH station is about accuracy. Set up the strike zone target from MLB. Players stand 45 feet away for baseball and 35 feet for softball. Each player gets 5 attempts. 

The HIT station is about distance. Set up a batting tee at home plate, and mark six zones — from 10 feet to 270+ feet away — each worth a predetermined number of points. Each hitter gets 5 tries off the tee. 

The RUN station is about speed. How quickly can they run 90 feet? Each player gets two chances — and only the fastest time counts. 

Then, tally up the points and submit the scores to MLB.

The players who are the most accurate, strong and quick, may advance to a Team Championship in a Major or Minor League Stadium. There, it’s a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to compete in the National Finals at the World Series

Host your local competition by the end of July. 

The National Finals happen during the World Series.

Get everything you need to make your competition a success at

And find custom Pitch, Hit and Run practice plans, exclusively on the MOJO app.

See you at the World Series!

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