Let’s Pitch, Hit & Run

The name says it all

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The MLB Pitch, Hit & Run is the official youth skills competition of the MLB. What does that mean to kids? It’s a high point of the baseball and softball season. Players have the opportunity to move up through three levels, ending at the World Series. Yes, that World Series. Here’s the scoop on this free program that’s a hit (pun intended) in every town.     

The what

The MLB Pitch, Hit & Run competition is centered around – wait for it – those three skills. Skills which just might be the best parts of playing baseball and softball. Kids “pitch” at a fixed target to see how accurate their throw can be. The hitting portion is off a tee and the goal is to hit as far as possible. Speedy kids love the run which times how fast they can cover 90 feet, the distance from home to first base on a baseball diamond. 

The why

This is the largest community event sponsored by Major League Baseball. Kids from all across the country, from Florida to Alaska, participate in the Pitch, Hit & Run, mostly because it’s just plain fun. It’s healthy competition without any of the anxiety of game day. The grand prize of a trip to the World Series doesn’t hurt either. And best of all, it’s free. It’s a great opportunity for any kid interested in baseball or softball to get on the field and give it a go. 

The how

Anyone who is involved in a baseball/softball organization – like Little League or even a rec league – can apply to host a Pitch, Hit & Run event. Heads up: All applicants are vetted prior to approval. Hosts need baseballs and softballs, a tee, a digital stopwatch and flags to mark off distances. The MLB provides targets and scorecards, as well as promotional flyers and social media graphics to help spread the word. Any local Pitch, Hit & Run event needs to be held between November and the end of July, so that the winners have time to move up to the Team Championships, which are hosted between August and October. Last stop: the World Series! 

The who

All boys and girls between the ages of 7 and 14 are welcome to sign up. There are four divisions so kids play within their age group. Girls can compete in the baseball division and boys in the softball division, but they have to stick to a division once they start. 

Prep with MLB + MOJO

Players don’t rise through the ranks of the Jr. Home Run Derby or Pitch, Hit & Run competitions by accident. It takes practice! 

Now, in the MOJO app, coaches have access to the official Pitch, Hit & Run and Jr. Home Run Derby practice plans from MLB. 

When you go to plan your practice on the SCHEDULE tab, tap SELECT A FOCUS AREA. Then tap Jr. Home Run Derby or Pitch Hit & Run, and you’ll find the practice plan that’s appropriate for your age group.

You can also choose the practice plan you want by tapping BROWSE from an existing practice.

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