How to Strike the Ball

Fact: It has more to do with technique than size or strength.


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Fact: Striking the ball with power and accuracy has way more to do with technique than size or strength. Players of any size can generate oomph if they have the right moves.

Here’s the breakdown: Start by landing the plant foot about six inches away from the ball. Then square your hips to your target and sweep your kicking foot behind you. Next, keeping the ankle locked and toes pointed down, you swing through the center of the ball, hitting it on the nose with the laces. You know that bone at the top of your foot where it connects with your big toe? Right there. 

Then follow through, pointing to your target and landing on your kicking foot. It’s a bit like hopping over a little creek. To get more lift, strike lower on the ball, closer to the bottom, and watch it sail.

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