5 of the Best Trick Soccer Moves

With practice, even young soccer players can learn to move like their heroes


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Want to practice some advanced soccer skills? These dribbling drills will help with ball mastery and more, including a step over tutorial and trick moves made famous by some of soccer’s greatest players.

Maradona Turn

If a Maradona Turn looks that cool when you do it playing FIFA, imagine how it’ll feel when you pull it off in real life.

So, when and how to use this trickery? 

Here’s a scenario: An oncoming defender approaches at an angle to try to steal the ball. First move: Step on the ball with the foot closest to the ball. At the same time, shield the defender away with your arm while pivoting — a little twirl — and land the first foot while dragging the soccer ball with the other foot sideways — away from the defender — then head to daylight.

Get step-by-step directions for the Maradona Turn here.

The Scissor

Need a slick way to slice past an opponent when dribbling? Let us introduce: the scissor.

To pull off this sharp maneuver, all you have to do is fake a pass with the outside of your foot. But instead of making contact with the ball, you loop your leg around it, landing at 2 o’clock for a right foot fake or 10 o’clock for the left.

Then with the outside of the plant foot, cut with the ball and accelerate in the opposite direction.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, combine the fakes and leave a defender in the dust.

Get step-by-step tips for practicing the scissor move here.

Cruyff Turn

Dutch superstar Johan Cruyff first used this move in the early ‘70s, but this oldie is still a goodie. A combination of a fake and a turn, this sly move can help a soccer player turn away from a defender or reverse direction quickly.

To do it: The plant foot goes slightly forward, while the other foot taps the ball in the other direction — behind the standing leg. You can tap sideways or back — the point is to change direction quickly and throw off a defender.

Get step-by-step directions for the Cruyff Turn here


Ronaldo Chop

OK, so you may not have talent or hair like Cristiano Ronaldo, but you can use his signature move.

Whether you’re playing Champions League or rec league, the Ronaldo Chop maneuver is a sly and incredibly effective way to change direction while running at top speed.

It starts with a bit of a hop with your plant foot. Then it’s a chop of the outside of the ball with your dribbling foot, in the opposite direction. The idea is to slice the ball slightly backward and to the side, and then cut away from the defender, who’ll likely be faked out. Channel your inner Ronaldo – abs not included.

Get step-by-step directions for the Ronaldo Chop here

The Step Over

So you want to look cool and burst away from a defender at the same time?

Back in the day, the kids called a step over the Rivellino, named for the Brazilian who made it famous in the ‘70s. And it remains a timeless maneuver.

Here’s how to do it: Approach the ball, making it look like you’re going to pass with the inside of your foot. Instead of making contact, your foot moves around the ball. Then, use the outside of that same foot to take the ball in the opposite direction.

Think of it as your escape move — a mix of a fake and a quick dribble. As the Brazilians say, jogo bonito, which means the beautiful game.

Get step-by-step directions for the step over here

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