How to Take a Corner Kick

With this move in your corner, you’re bound to succeed


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When the defending team knocks the ball over the endline, the attacking team gets to kick it back in, with the ball placed in the corner closest to where it went out of play. hence the name: corner kick. 

For the attacking team, it’s a chance to put the ball into the goal area – or even the goal – without pressure.  Corner kicks come in different flavors, with many players favoring “inswingers” — passes that curve or bend in towards the goal — like that- to set up a teammate for a shot or to aim directly for the goal. 

Here’s how you do it: Place the ball on or within the corner kick arc. Take a few steps back, then land the plant foot to the side of the ball closest to the endline, pointing towards the edge of the penalty box — not directly at the goal. Then strike the ball with the front of your instep, making contact slightly below and to the outside of the center of the ball, to give it spin. Boom! And watch it sail.

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