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With MOJO Player Cards, kids who play youth sports can build the ultimate avatar — the very best version of themselves, with cool designs and, coming soon, all of the stats that made their season great. 

Together, you and your player can choose from nearly endless ways to customize and create the player card of their dreams.


FIFA player cards… for what happens on the neighborhood pitch. 

Novelty youth baseball cards… with endless ways to design, update and customize, because they’re digital.

Photo day… your player’s way.

But here’s the difference:  MOJO Player Cards are powered by how much your kids play the sport they love.

What is a MOJO Player Card?

Every kid on a team that uses MOJO can access their player card for free. Simply take a photo of them in action, or upload an image from your camera roll, and the app will create a card automatically.

The MOJO app will automatically include the information we know about your team — like the team name, if that’s been added to the MOJO app. 

Then it’s time to customize. Players will be able to choose their own backgrounds, films, frames, stickers, badges and achievements. 

No one knows your player better than they know themselves — their taste, their strengths, their goals. So let them leave it all on the card.

Learn how to set up your MOJO player card, here.

Powered by play

MOJO Player Cards are a fun, powerful form of self expression. And they reward players for coming to practices and games.

Kids earn digital currency, known as Moola, to unlock the latest and greatest designs on the MOJO app. All they have to do is play — i.e. show up to practice and games. Soon, they can earn by playing at home with the at-home training available with a premium MOJO+ subscription. Welcome to a pay-to-play model that parents can actually get behind.

And all the while, they’re getting more touches, more shots, more hits, more time on the court, more skill, because the entire system is driven by the power of play.

The ultimate digital home for youth sports

MOJO Player Cards will eventually become the digital home to the very best parts of a season, leveraging features kids know and love from that other at-home activity — video games. They’ll unlock rewards. Discover hidden features. The real difference, for parents? They’ll play more in real life so that they can play more with their MOJO Player Card. 

Create the ultimate memento of each sports season — with MOJO.

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