Introducing: The Jump Stop

And how to teach it


| 2 min read

What was the basketball coach always talking about the jump stop?

Because it was his favorite “hoppy”! 

Bad dad jokes aside, the jump stop is a fundamental move that helps basketball players develop ball control and balance. With a solid jump stop, players can stop, make decisions and change direction quickly while still holding onto the ball — and avoid traveling.

To perform a jump stop, players jump or hop in the air and land on two feet in triple threat position.

But that’s often easier said than done — especially for younger age groups. 

Here are some tips for teaching the jump stop.

First, start without a ball. Players can jog slowly and then jump or hop forward and land on both feet at the same time. They should land in triple threat position:

  • Feet should be shoulder width apart, and knees bent
  • Weight is shifted onto the balls of the feet
  • Hands (with or without the ball) should be in a protective pocket near the hip
  • Eyes should be looking up, not down at the ground

Remind players to keep the jump or hop pretty small — this is not an athletic competition. 

As they get the hang of the movements, increase or vary the pace. Then, add a ball and see if they can do a jump stop off the dribble. Then try a jump stop off a pass. Then add a forward or reverse pivot. Linking these moves will give players lots of options when they find themselves  catching the ball or preparing to take a shot while dribbling in the real game.

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