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It’s easier than ever to connect with your team — using MOJO


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Once the season starts, a team needs to be in touch all the time — Coach is sending weekly emails, there might be a text thread about snacks, some parents are looking for advice about gear, injuries or a great skills camp. But it’s hard to keep track of who said what, where and when.

Great teams do a lot more than just coordinate, though. They share memories, great moments from practice and games, advice. They challenge each other to grow and develop outside of practice. They’re connected.

And MOJO is here for all of it. 

For any team that’s already upping their game by using MOJO at practice, there’s a simple solution: Chat. Chat makes it easier than ever for parents and coaches to communicate, connect, coordinate and — most of all — create and share all the moments that make being part of a youth sports team so magical.

The magic of MOJO, for team communication

The magic of MOJO is that it makes coaching a season of youth sports easy, stress-free and fun — and Chat is no different.

  • It’s easy. All a coach has to do is invite the whole team to join MOJO — and the app takes care of everything else. 
  • It’s stress-free. All team communication lives together, not scattered across different devices, formats and accounts.
  • It’s fun. Chat is as fun as you want to make it. Flex your emojis. Tell your best dad jokes. Challenge teammates to one-up each other on the latest at-home game from the MOJO+ tab.
  • It’s all in one place. The MOJO app has everything your team needs for an unforgettable season. Endless fun, engaging, age-appropriate games at your fingertips. Expert tips and advice. Hundreds of games and activities for parents and kids on the MOJO+ tab. 

And Chat is where your team can truly connect.

How to use CHAT

To use Chat, first make sure you’re using the latest version of the MOJO app. Then, coaches will need to invite other coaches and parents to join the team.

You can use the pre-existing groups to communicate with the whole team, or, if you’re a coach, just with your fellow coaches. Or reach out to any team member directly. You can share directions, locations, links to paperwork, Venmo accounts and photos and videos of the games for parents who can’t make it. 

But that’s just beginning.

Communication beyond coordination

Of course a team chat helps everyone get on the same page about logistics — the where and the when of games and practice.

But at MOJO we believe Chat can be so much more. 

It can be about the why of youth sports.

Why are busy parents volunteering time and energy every season? Why are kids spending every Saturday morning or afternoon on the field or the court instead of in front of the computer?

Because youth sports matter. It’s where kids grow, build friendships and develop a sense of themselves outside of school and family. It’s where coaches dedicate time to help young bodies and minds reach their full potential. And it’s where youth sports families find community.

And Chat can help coaches, kids and families do all of that.

As Chat grows and develops, it will be the home base for your entire season of youth sports, from individual skill development plans through the shared moments and memories you’ll laugh about in years to come. Anything and everything that has to do with one season of youth sports, all in one place. Now that’s something worth chatting about.

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