Your Kid’s Highlights Need MOJO

The MOJO app makes it easier than ever to create—and share—the ultimate youth sports highlight reel


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It’s one thing to tell someone about your kid’s incredible game-winning shot, skillful assist, heroic block, or the like.

It’s another thing to show them.

And it’s yet another thing to make it easy for anyone who calls themselves a fan to follow along with each and every highlight, over the course of an entire season — season after season.

With the MOJO app, and a MOJO+ subscription, it’s easier than ever before.

It’s already on your phone

Chances are, you’re already taking photos and videos at games or practices. Maybe you’ve even live streamed using MOJO. You can easily relive every moment — and share them with your kid or their die-hard fans. (We’re looking at you, grandma!)

And if you’ve ever had to miss a game, you know how precious those captured moments can be. Each one is an opportunity to make you feel like you’re right there on the sideline. Over the course of a season, you can see your kid’s growth, change, new skills and new confidence.

Your media matters

Adding media — a.k.a. photos, videos and live streams — to the Media tab of the MOJO app is where all the magic begins.

During a game:

  • An hour before your team’s next game, you can join the FanZone from the Home tab. Just tap the green FanZone button.
  • From there, you can keep score, live stream and post highlights throughout the game.
  • All media will be saved in the FanZone for that event, and will also appear on the Media tab.

After a game:

  • All media that you capture, tag or share on MOJO will be on the Media tab.
  • You can add media to events on the Media tab at any time.

Each highlight is a way to track — and tell — the story of their season.

Media is now front and center

You may have noticed that the Media tab has replaced the MOJO+ tab. That’s because your media — live stream clips, as well as photo and video highlights — are so important. Not only are these highlights the most unforgettable moments of their season, they are the cornerstone of your player’s Timeline and MOJO Player Profile.

Once you start to add photos, videos and live streams to the Media tab, you can start to tag any player on the team, so that everyone starts to build the story of the team’s season. The more media, the better the story. And if other parents join in as well, the result is exponential. 

Psssst! If you are looking for at-home training that was on the MOJO+ tab, it’s now available on the Home tab as well as your kid’s Player Profile.

You make the memories, MOJO makes them last 

Once you add media to your player’s profile, you can share all the best parts of MOJO — live streamed games, your player’s custom Player Card, the Timeline of all of their highlights — with anyone, anywhere, on any device. Just tap on the share icon from the Player Profile in the app.

Timelines and Player Profiles are part of MOJO’s premium MOJO+ subscription. Upgrade now to get the best of what MOJO has to offer.

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