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MOJO’s CHAT feature has made it easier than ever for parents and coaches to communicate, connect, coordinate and — most of all — create and share all the moments that make being part of a youth sports team so magical. 

And CHAT just got even better.

Now, coaches and parents can share MOJO activities, expert tips and advice directly in CHAT

Here’s how…

  • Every practice activity now has a Share icon on the upper right.
  • Tap the Share icon.
  • Share in the All Team Chat or Coach Chat or with any individual team member in the MOJO app. 

Want a smoother, more productive practice? Share games with the whole team before practice to get them ready to go. Did your players love a game from the last practice? Share it with your fellow coaches to make sure they know it’s a winner. Was a game particularly hard for a few players? Share it with their parents. You can even offer them helpful tips and pointers for practicing at home, so it’s easier — and more effective — next time.

You’ll also see the Share icon at the bottom of every story you read in the app. Tap, share and start a great discussion among your fellow coaches about the right way to warm up, or with parents about proper sideline behavior or why refs are leaving the sport in such numbers.

You’re not limited to your team, either. Coaches and parents can also share their favorite MOJO games and interesting stories with anyone in their network. More MOJO for everyone!

CHAT is your team’s home base

CHAT is what connects a coach to their entire team, and gives parents and coaches alike the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, laugh and learn, week after week, until the season is over. 

Think of it as the home base for your entire season of youth sports, from weekly challenges and individual skill development plans through the shared moments and memories you’ll laugh about in years to come. 

Anything and everything that has to do with one unforgettable season of youth sports, all in one place.

That’s MOJO.

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