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MOJO made it easy to share the best of this season with friends and family


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Did you know that all the best parts of MOJO — live streamed games and events, your player’s custom Player Card, the Timeline of all of their highlights — are fully shareable on the web?

Yes, that means Grandparents, loved ones, or any fan can follow every moment of the season, even if they live thousands of miles away.

And they don’t even have to download the MOJO app.

Here’s how it works:

Create a Player Profile worth sharing

  • First, you need MOJO+. While following a Player Profile on the web is free, parents need a MOJO+ subscription in order to create and share.
  • Live stream any event, and anyone following the Player Profile can watch.
  • Use live streams and other game highlights to create the ultimate Timeline. With MOJO+, parents have unlimited access to the entire season’s worth of highlights, including photos, videos and live streams.

Share their MOJO Player Profile with friends, family and more

  • Tap on the share icon from the Player Profile in the app
  • Use privacy settings to control exactly who can see it 
  • Share with anyone, anywhere

Once someone has the Player Profile URL, they can watch live streams and even sign up to be notified of every new highlight saved on the Timeline — and more.

It’s the best of your player’s season — unleashed.

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